December 2019  
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Sacristan/Altar Guild
Leader: Tom Keim


Our Sacristan is Tom Keim.  Tom ensures that the Altar is properly prepared for worship each Sunday and on those occassions when we have an additional services.  This means ensuring the right Liturgical Colors are in place reflecting the church season of the year and the necessary linens, along with  the bread and wine for Holy Eucharist.  Tom also supervises and trains the acolytes and lay assistants who are part of the altar party during worship.  There is normally one acolyte acting as the crucifer (carrying the cross) and one lay assistant who assists the pastor at the altar.  Additionally, we have liturgical readers who read the lessons from the Old Testament, introduce the psalm which is chanted by the entire congregation,  and read a lesson from the New Testament.  Everybody on the Altar party is vested, meaning they wear an alb (white robe) and process to altar with the pastor.  If this sounds interesting to you see Tom Keim.